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Reckless Driving

Fighting Your Reckless Driving Citation

If you pay the fine for a reckless driving citation in New York State, you are pleading guilty to a criminal traffic offense that will add 5 points to your driving record. If you then accumulate just 6 more points in the next 18 months — you could get your license suspended. Tickets issued in connection with an accident could also mean jail time. In addition, paying the fine will almost certainly mean a significant increase in your insurance costs over the next several years as well.

My name is John Kingsley, and as a lawyer, I may be able to help you minimize these negative consequences either by challenging the ticket as invalid for various reasons or by negotiating the citation down to a less serious offense. That said, the sooner you get in touch with me about this matter, the better our chances of obtaining a positive result. Talk to me and find out how, or if, I can help.

I handle traffic court matters throughout Greene, Columbia and Ulster counties in Upstate New York.

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Achieving Positive Results Through a Practical Approach

Unless there's a major defect in the original ticket (for example: the wrong highway or wrong direction of travel was listed, or someone else's name was listed as the driver) — walking away scot-free is not a realistic possibility. This is also true because most reckless driving citations are issued in connection with some other type of driving offense such as excessive speeding or DWI.

I know from experience that a practical approach is generally the best approach to take in reckless driving cases. As your attorney, I'll listen to your story and review the facts and circumstances of the traffic stop. Then I'll explain your options and let you know what I believe the best possible outcome would be, based on that information and my experience with the local traffic courts.

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If you were cited for reckless driving on I-87, the Taconic State Parkway or anywhere else in the Catskills region of New York State — call my law offices directly to arrange for a free consultation, or contact me online.

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