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My name is John Kingsley and I have been a trial lawyer in New York State for more than 40 years. My main areas of practice are personal injury, traffic violations defense and general civil litigation. In addition to that work, I also provide probate-related services and I help people who have been injured on the job to obtain workers' compensation benefits.

For much of my career, I worked as a litigator and a partner in much larger law firms. Eventually, however, the temptation to return to the Catskills area where I was born and to start serving clients as a solo practitioner became more and more difficult to resist.

The end result? I have continued to enjoy great professional success, only I now have the opportunity to spend more time helping my clients understand the legal issues, their options and what the likely outcomes of different choices will be. I also have the chance to spend more time on cases that really need it.

In short, my clients today receive the best that both large firms and small firms have to offer.

Clients benefit from the knowledge and experience I've gained through more than four decades of practice and hundreds of trials. They benefit from my familiarity with local courts and the credibility I've established among my peers in the legal community. At the same time, they get to work closely with friendly, helpful professionals who treat them with respect — and with a firm where useful information and real people are easy to find.

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